Hunger Games – District 12 Location Photos

Hunger Games, the blockbuster movie, based on the novel by Suzanne Collins, was filmed entirely in Western North Carolina. The story takes place in the apocalyptic future after the destruction of North America, in a […]

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The Little Red Shack ~ Where in the World

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The Mangrove Coast Project

Living where I do, on an island in SW Florida, surrounded by mangroves, I have become fascinated with the role they play in the cycle of aquatic life here. These walking trees, as they are […]

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A “Good” Image ~ What is the Standard Today?

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Free Background Wallpaper ~ Bahamas Beautiful Beaches

July is beach vacation time for many of us so I thought I would offer another image from my Beautiful Bahama Beaches Collection¬†for this month’s wallpaper. Hope you enjoy it. Just click on the one […]

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The Future of Photography with a Few (Useless) Predictions

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Free Background Wallpaper ~ Bali Koi

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