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Free Wallpaper – The Hindu Goddess Durga

With the Durga Puja festivities about to begin around the Hindu world I am offering a free wallpaper image that I took at the 2011 Durga Puja in Kolkata, India. I hope you enjoy it. […]

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Durga Puja ~ Multimedia Slide Show

Durga Puja, the Hindu festival honoring the Goddess Durga in Calcutta, India, is a kaleidoscopic series of events spread over many days that tends to overwhelm ones senses with its sights and sounds. See my […]

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Photographing Durga Puja ~ India’s Hindu Festival

To be in Calcutta, now officially named Kolkata, India, for the Durga Puja was an amazing experience and a photographer’s dream. The Puja is the worship of the Hindu goddess Durga when she revisits earth […]

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Post Card 4 ~ The Streets of Kolkata, India

Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, is India’s third largest city with some 15 million people. Traffic is horrendous, air and noise pollution are terrible, but nevertheless it is a vibrant city throbbing with life. The streets and sidewalks […]

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Post Card 3 from Kolkata, India

Today’s post shows images of some of the more solemn aspects of the Durga celebration as well as the final immersion. The Dugra idols are made from straw and clay from the Ganges and at the end of […]

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Post Card 2 from Kolkata

The Durga Punja festivities and events are in full swing.  Drumming is a major part of the Punja and many of the larger pandals hire dhakis, or drummers. The dhakis meet at a railway station to welcome visitors. The Bathing of the  Nabapatrika is […]

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Post Card from Kolkata, India

Durga Punja, one of the grandest of all Hindu festivals, is in full swing in Kolkata, India, a city of 15 million. Preparations start up to a year in advance. The effigies are made from straw and […]

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