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A “Good” Image ~ What is the Standard Today?

As mentioned in an earlier post, as the barriers of entry to photography have fallen and technology has improved,  the number of “photographers” has grown exponentially. But, at least in my opinion, the standard of […]

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The Future of Photography with a Few (Useless) Predictions

Pondering the future of photography certainly has not been keeping me awake at night, but I have been giving it a little thought. So, here is my take on where photography is and where it […]

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Has That Been Photoshopped?

Was that picture Photoshopped? How many times have we heard that? Well truthfully, if it wasn’t Photoshopped, it probably should have been.  Almost any digital image can be improved. I am referring to the refining […]

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Photography and Creative Vision

Great photographs, and we only shoot great ones right, are arguably the result of creative vision, technical skill, and serendipity. Technique and technical skill is the left side of your brain in action. It is […]

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