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In Bali ~ Rice is Life

And then there is the breathtaking beauty of terraced rice fields fringed by coconut palms and  volcanic mountains as a backdrop. Simply stunning. A thousand shades of green. Incomparable lushness.

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POD ~ Banana Blossom

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Ubiquitous Rice and Its Many Uses

When traveling in SE Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos) one expects to see and eat a lot of rice. It is the most important staple food for a large part of the world’s human population, […]

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In Search of Conch Salad by Lynne Mayhew

On a recent trip to Cat Island, in the Bahama’s, we sought out directions on how to get to the windward side of the island. Apparently there were several routes and as it turned out, […]

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POD ~ Round and Rounder

Summertime at the Farmers Market and the melons are in. By the way, are these cantaloupes or muskmelons? What is the difference? Are they a fruit or vegetable? They originated in Persia. It is interesting […]

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Mangoes, Fruit from the Gods

It is mango season here in Southwest Florida and throughout the tropics. A time for gluttony and hoarding. A time for cheesecake and chutney, for smoothies and salsa. Mango season is a time for celebration […]

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POD – Greek Grocery

A small Greek grocery store in Tarpon Springs offering what else but olives, olive oil and feta cheeses.

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