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The All New

Welcome to the newly updated web site. With a new look and feel, the navigation has been improved and the image galleries look even better. Thanks to The World’s Best Computer Geek for all […]

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POD ~ Chambered Nautilus

Having one of the most beautiful shapes in all of nature, the Chambered Nautilus is the last surviving genus of the nautiloids. The nautiloids were the largest predators in the seas of the Ordovician period, […]

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Textures and Patterns and a Little Kookiness

During a recent visit to the Koreshan State Historical Site in Estero, Florida I was struck by the interesting textures and patterns ound on many of the old cypress sided old buildings. After a century, […]

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Holiday Greetings

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2010 Matlacha Mariners Blues Festival

The 11th Annual Southwest Florida Blues Festival, by all accounts, was a huge success. One of the performers said, “The festival was one of the best I’ve seen and it was run like a well […]

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POD ~ Baskets and Boxes

Above is an image of a stack of baskets at a local fish house that are used to unload and sort seafood including mullet, crabs, clams, or oysters. Below is an image of wooden shipping […]

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POD ~ Fishnets

Hands on hips and a “I’m really p*ssed” expression on her face must mean she is really upset about the run in her stockings! Another in a series of informal portraits of some of the […]

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