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Free Wallpaper – The Hindu Goddess Durga

With the Durga Puja festivities about to begin around the Hindu world I am offering a free wallpaper image that I took at the 2011 Durga Puja in Kolkata, India. I hope you enjoy it. […]

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The Kushti Wrestlers of Calcutta, India

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The Streetcars of Calcutta, India

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The Ubiquitous Yellow Taxis of Calcutta, India


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Durga Puja ~ Multimedia Slide Show

Durga Puja, the Hindu festival honoring the Goddess Durga in Calcutta, India, is a kaleidoscopic series of events spread over many days that tends to overwhelm ones senses with its sights and sounds. See my […]

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Photographing Durga Puja ~ India’s Hindu Festival

To be in Calcutta, now officially named Kolkata, India, for the Durga Puja was an amazing experience and a photographer’s dream. The Puja is the worship of the Hindu goddess Durga when she revisits earth […]

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Post Card 6 ~ Street Life in Kolkata, India

India, and Kolkata in particular, continue to amaze. Economic growth is booming and India is creating billionaires faster than almost anywhere else. However, in Kolkata, the infrastructure is little changed since British rule and the […]

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