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Uncle Earl and the Kudzu Vine (part 3) by Lynne Mayhew

Finally, the experts were listening. By 1934, the U.S. Soil Conservation Service began encouraging southern farmers to plant kudzu as a soil preserving, nitrogen building ground cover. They placed a large order with Uncle Earl […]

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Uncle Earl and the Kudzu Vine (part 2) by Lynne Mayhew

Needing more land, Uncle Earl and Aunt Lillie purchased 35 acres just south of Chipley on SR277, the Vernon Highway.  Glen Arden was the name Aunt Lillie gave to their new homestead and nursery. It […]

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Uncle Earl and the Kudzu Vine (part 1) by Lynne Mayhew

One doesn’t have to drive far along the interstates and back roads of the south to witness mounds of kudzu taking over banks, running up telephone poles and blanketing trees. While in Mississippi, recently, I […]

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Looking for Kudzu by Lynne Mayhew

Recently, I traveled the country roads back to Chipley, in Florida’s Panhandle, to revisit my childhood.  This included finding my grandparent’s old home place, named Glen Arden and to look for a certain federal historical […]

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