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Colors of Haiti

“Beyond mountains, are more mountains.” “Little by little the bird builds its nest.” Haitian Proverbs An extract from the 1983 poem “meme le soleil est nu” by Haitian born Anthony Phelps reads: There once was […]

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Doing Good Well in Haiti

Zanmi Lasante, known as Partners in Health traces its origins back to 1985 when Paul Farmer, a medical student at Harvard, and¬†Ophelia Dahl, a 19-year-old social activist helped a local priest launch a rudimentary clinic […]

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Hope for Haiti?

Genyen tout yon sosyete ki pou change. (There is a whole society to be changed.) — Haitian Proverb Is there hope for Haiti? Some say the recent earthquake may be Haiti’s last, best chance. If […]

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What’s with Haiti

The recent devastating earthquake in Haiti has generated talk about Haiti being a “failed state’ and whether it can survive as a nation. In order to understand how Haiti got to where it is as […]

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Haiti: Update 2

Slowly, the extent of the catastrophe in Haiti generally, and Port-au-Prince specifically, is becoming more evident. The news is usually grim but occasionally it is good, indeed. Such is the case with my friend Jean […]

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