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POD ~ Taking It In

These guys appear to be enjoying the musical offerings at a local Blues Festival as well as their favorite beverage. Another in a series of informal portraits of some of the folks I have met […]

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POD ~ Soulful Sax

Playing for tips on Savannah’s riverfront on a summer’s evening. Another in a series of informal portraits of folks I have met along the way.

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POD ~ Fishnets

Hands on hips and a “I’m really p*ssed” expression on her face must mean she is really upset about the run in her stockings! Another in a series of informal portraits of some of the […]

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POD ~ Sweet Treat

A moment of solitude while enjoying a treat, this lady seems completely at peace. Can you tell me where this was taken? Another of a series of informal “street portraits” of some folks I have […]

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POD ~ Round and Rounder

Summertime at the Farmers Market and the melons are in. By the way, are these cantaloupes or muskmelons? What is the difference? Are they a fruit or vegetable? They originated in Persia. It is interesting […]

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POD ~ Jack

It appears this guy is holding the cards that are printed on his t-shirt. The fact that I was photographing him did not seem to impress him or please him, for that matter :~( Another […]

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POD ~ Blues Brothers Plus One

The third Blues Brother seen, incognito, for the first time in this exclusive, rare photo. The location and photographer, of course, is confidential. You have seen it here first!

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