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In Bali ~ Rice is Life

And then there is the breathtaking beauty of terraced rice fields fringed by coconut palms and  volcanic mountains as a backdrop. Simply stunning. A thousand shades of green. Incomparable lushness.

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The Awesome Gamelan Music of Bali

associated with the rhythms produced by the gamelan. Many village temples feature a special performance of a dance-drama, a battle between the mythical characters Rangda, the witch representing evil, and Barong, the lion or dragon, […]

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Bali ~ Land of Spirits, Music and Rice: Part 1

Get away from the glitz and glitter of the beach resorts and the crush of shoppers in Ubud and you will discover a place like no other. There, Balinese Hinduism along with the ancient Gamelan […]

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Post Card from Bali

I knew Bali was beautiful but I was completely blown away by the beauty, serenity, and peacefulness of Bali’s rice fields. The rice field and the growing of Bali’s staple grain is interwoven with the daily and spiritual […]

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