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Free Background Wallpaper ~ Serengeti Acacia

  This month’s free wallpaper is one of my favorite images – a beautiful acacia tree on a knoll overlooking the Serengeti Plain. Enjoy   Just click on the one that best represents the size […]

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Sambusi’s Two Tables by Lynne Mayhew

  Zanzibar is an island recognized for growing and exporting African spices. With its mysterious alley ways, known for their ornately carved doors, Birka-clad women move silently through the streets while loud speakers call faithful […]

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Zanzibar’s Doors by Lynne Mayhew

Upon arriving in Zanzibar, a large island off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa, the first things visitors marvel at are the magnificent wooden doors found in Stone Town, a World Heritage Site. Dedicated […]

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The Allure of Zanzibar

Just hearing the name Zanzibar conjures mysterious and exotic images in my mind’s eye. Zanzibar, off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean just south of the Equator, is a lush, beautiful tropical […]

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POD ~ Moms and Babies

I met these young Moms and their babies in Ilula, a small Tanzanian village near Iringa, Tanzania. They are dressed in their traditional kanga cloths, a rectangle of cotton cloth with a border all around  […]

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Masai Matriarch

This dignified lady is the matriarch of a Masi village in central Tanzania.We had just finished a lunch of goat stew and rice with the village when this elegant, poised lady sat on a log […]

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POD ~ Sisters

While wandering the back alleys of Stone Town, Zanzibar, we happened upon these two young girls (sisters?) apparently waiting for someone. They were shy but at the same time inquisitive, as we were and they […]

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