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Anoles Are Everywhere

I was raised by a maid who came from Martinique She wore geckos around her neck and bracelets on her feet A superstitious woman from the land of sugar cane She’d sing the sun to […]

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POD ~ Chambered Nautilus

Having one of the most beautiful shapes in all of nature, the Chambered Nautilus is the last surviving genus of the nautiloids. The nautiloids were the largest predators in the seas of the Ordovician period, […]

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Leapin’ Lizards – Who is that Dark Eyed Cutie?

Recently, our grand son came running and screaming into the house. “There is a giant lizard on the porch,” he hyperventilates. “Yeah right,” I think. We have small, brownish anoles everywhere around here. But, out […]

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Photo of the Day – Screech Owl

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