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Ron Head ShotPhotography changed my life forever. My camera is my canvas, my notebook. Photography is my passion, my conduit for self-expression.

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the world. My name is Ron Mayhew. When not traveling I call Southwestern Florida home.

Having long suffered from wanderlust and curiosity about other cultures, other places, my camera is my excuse to wander. I travel to find and make photographs and, conversely, making photographs is my rationalization to travel. Not surprisingly then, most of my images are of people of diverse cultures being themselves in their own environment. I love walking the streets of a new city, searching and waiting for just the right moment when a story all comes together in a single moment, in a single frame. If I had to label what I do, it would be “Cultural Photography.”

But lately, I’ve been a little restless. Wanting to push my creativity forward. To take a photograph, a literal image, and artistically interpret that image much as an artist paints her interruption of a scene. My canvas has now broadened to include digital artistry. I have been exploring using software to further interpret, to idealize, the images my camera has captured. It is stimulating to take my photography further, to push it to the abstract, to the surreal. And, hopefully, in the process create images that are engaging and memorable for you.

My hope is that you will follow along with me as I explore what lies ahead.


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