Haiti: Update 2

Jean Claude

Slowly, the extent of the catastrophe in Haiti generally, and Port-au-Prince specifically, is becoming more evident. The news is usually grim but occasionally it is good, indeed. Such is the case with my friend Jean Claude who was our interpreter on our first trip to Haiti. He lives in Carrefour near the quake’s epicenter. I sent an email to him the other day and got an almost instant reply:

Thank you my friend for your prayers.
I am alive.God rescued me from the death.and save me. A roof fell on me I was pulled out from the debris by a friend names montas.
For now I am homeless,but the family is ok.
I will talk to you again when I find another opportunity.
Jean Claude

Donette Lataillade, the manager of the Guest House in Port-au-Prince where we would stay while coming and going from Haiti, through an email said “Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns. We are all well by the grace of God.”

Marco & Ruth (click to enlarge)

Rev Marco Depestre, Jr. is the pastor we have worked with in Les Cayes. While he is responsible for the Les Cayes district  he lives with his family in Port-au-Prince. Those who have been to Les Cayes can appreciate his concern about the toilet facilities, especially at the church.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church (click to enlarge)

Our 2009 Christmas card was an image of a beautiful mural above the alter in the sanctuary of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in the heart of Port-au-Prince. Sadly, the church built in the 1920’s now is rubble, the beautiful murals lost forever.

Grace Children’s Hospital is close to the church and the Presidential Palace. It is badly damaged and the children are being kept in a courtyard. The hospital treats children for TB and malnutrition and serves as a clinic for the general population as well as HIV/AIDS patients. One can only imagine what it must be like there now.

Presidential Palace (click to enlarge)

Everyone has probably seen pictures of the collapsed Presidential Palace. This is what it looked like before the earthquake.

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