Carrefour, Haiti (click to enlarge)

As the world knows, Haiti was devastated by a major earthquake this week, the epicenter of which was located in Carrefour, part of the urban sprawl of Port-au-Prince, the densely populated capital and home to a third of the population of the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.

Driving through Carrefour (click to enlarge)

We have been to Haiti twice in recent years, and when the time is right, look forward to returning. Haiti changes you. The people of Haiti have a spirit, resiliency, and tenacity unlike any where else. But right now Haiti needs help. They need the obvious like food and water, emergency medical assistance, clothing and shelter. Haiti also needs help with taking care of its dead in a dignified manner. Longer term, this is probably the last best chance for the global community to help Haiti rebuild both physically and politically.

We would pass through Carrefour on our six hour, 120 mile drive to Les Cayes,  where we worked on constructing a medical center. Once back in Port Au Prince we would spend our final evening in Haiti having dinner at the Hotel Montana, a grand hotel overlooking the city.

Hotel Montana (click to enlarge)

The hotel, a favorite gathering place for NGO and UN staffers, completely collapsed in the earthquake and hundreds of lives were lost.

Part Au Prince from Hotel Montana (click to enlarge)

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