Hope for Haiti?

Dignified Haitian Woman

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Genyen tout yon sosyete ki pou change.
(There is a whole society to be changed.)

— Haitian Proverb

Is there hope for Haiti? Some say the recent earthquake may be Haiti’s last, best chance. If the answer is yes,  it will take a massive amount of commitment, effort and aid from the developed world.

Haiti will need a trained, functioning government; something it has not been able to do. Remember, almost without exception, its leadership has been incompetent, corrupt, or repressive—or some combination of the three. The country, by some counts,  has endured 33 coups.

Beyond the immediate needs resulting from the earthquake disaster, the country needs a healthcare system and the population must have access to clean water. The infrastructure must be rebuilt including an electrical and telecommunications grid which has never existed. Reliable financial institutions and industrial investment will be required.

Perhaps the greatest need is education. Education for everyone, especially girls.  Birth rates and infant mortality will go down. Education will raise prospects for economic prosperity and peace. Further, a microfinance program aimed at women is proven to improve standards of living.

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