My Mom

Hibiscus - pastel circa 1949 (click to enlarge)

My Mom is amazing. At 87 she currently has a one woman show of her paintings at the Mangrove Gallery at the Pine Island Chamber of Commerce.

Magrove Gallery

Jean paints nearly every day and is presently taking three art classes. While she will paint with watercolors, acrylics, or oils I think she is at her best when painting with pastels. There is a soft, but vibrant quality to her images that I like very much.

Her subject matter is as varied as her medium though she draws most of her inspiration from nature whether a landscape, bird, or still life. But her flower paintings are where she is at her best and  flowers painted with pastels are usually my favorites.

Hibiscus - pastel circa 2007 (click to enlarge)

The first painting she did was at the age of sixteen, a gift to my father before they were married. Recently Mom has been painting small watercolor vignettes in journals as gifts to her  grandchildren and great grandchildren. She also gets several “commissions” each year from her family.

Jean is an inspiration to all who know her.We love you.

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