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Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador (click to enlarge)

Recently, I was honored to have this image included in The New York Times “Why We Travel” online feature. The caption I included:

Quito, Ecuador — While on a walking tour of the old colonial portion of Quito, Ecuador we happened upon a cultural center that was showing the “World Press Photo Winners for 2005” exhibit. As we made our way through the exhibit we were immediately struck by the power of an image regardless of who we are. People of all walks of life were, singly or in small groups, totally drawn into the exhibit. An indigenous Quechua woman is quietly studying the images as are the couple holding hands behind the panel showing a fallen U.S. Marine on his journey home. Traveling makes one realize just how much alike we all are.

~ Ron Mayhew

My image from Quito, Ecuador on the New York Times website is here. It is slow to load, so be patient.

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