Bali – a Land of Spirits

The Balinese believe spirits are everywhere. The good spirits dwell in the mountains and the evil spirits haunt the deserted beaches and forests. Demons and giant creatures inhabit the sea. Living between the forces of good and evil, the people must strike a balance and keep peace. This is accomplished by making daily offerings to pay homage to the good spirits and to placate the evil ones.

The images below were made at at least six different temples throughout Bali and along it’s streets and beaches.


Bali-Land of Spirits01.jpgBali-Land of Spirits02.jpgBali-Land of Spirits03.jpgBali-Land of Spirits04.jpgBali-Land of Spirits05.jpgBali-Land of Spirits06.jpgBali-Land of Spirits07.jpgBali-Land of Spirits08.jpgBali-Land of Spirits09.jpgBali-Land of Spirits10.jpgBali-Land of Spirits11.jpgBali-Land of Spirits12.jpgBali-Land of Spirits13.jpgBali-Land of Spirits14.jpgBali-Land of Spirits15.jpgBali-Land of Spirits16.jpgBali-Land of Spirits17.jpgBali-Land of Spirits18.jpgBali-Land of Spirits19.jpgBali-Land of Spirits20.jpgBali-Land of Spirits21.jpgBali-Land of Spirits22.jpgBali-Land of Spirits23.jpgBali-Land of Spirits24.jpgBali-Land of Spirits25.jpgBali-Land of Spirits26.jpgBali-Land of Spirits27.jpgBali-Land of Spirits28.jpgBali-Land of Spirits29.jpgBali-Land of Spirits31.jpgBali-Land of Spirits32.jpgBali-Land of Spirits33.jpgBali-Land of Spirits34.jpg