Gamelan Music of Bali

The jarring, jangly, pulsating music of the gamelan was one of the highlights of our recent Bali visit. Sitting on our veranda our first night in Ubud, hearing, the the music of a gamelan performance waifing across the rice paddies is one of my most vivid memories. I had to know more.The intertwining of Bali’s music traditions into their culture is fascinating.


Gamelan Music01.jpgGamelan Music02.jpgGamelan Music03.jpgGamelan Music04.jpgGamelan Music05.jpgGamelan Music06.jpgGamelan Music07.jpgGamelan Music08.jpgGamelan Music09.jpgGamelan Music10.jpgGamelan Music11.jpgGamelan Music12.jpgGamelan Music13.jpgGamelan Music14.jpgGamelan Music15.jpgGamelan Music16.jpgGamelan Music17.jpgGamelan Music18.jpgGamelan Music19.jpgGamelan Music20.jpgGamelan Music21.jpgGamelan Music22.jpgGamelan Music23.jpgGamelan Music24.jpgGamelan Music25.jpgGamelan Music26.jpgGamelan Music27.jpgGamelan Music28.jpg