Rice ~ Cycle of Life on Bali

Without a doubt, the most memorable times in Bali were the few days we stayed at a guesthouse in a rice field. Endless walks through rice fields, watching locals come and go along the track that traverses the fields from top to bottom, seeing ducks being herded into freshly harvested paddys to gobble up insects and the remaining grains and to leave their fertilizer. Did I mention delicious roast duck for dinner? Tuning out an endless crowing of roosters. Most fascinating, though, was sitting on our veranda watching rice being harvested by hand as it has been for hundreds of years. Men and women from the local subuk working together.


Bali Rice Culture01.jpgBali Rice Culture02.jpgBali Rice Culture03.jpgBali Rice Culture04.jpgBali Rice Culture05.jpgBali Rice Culture06.jpgBali Rice Culture07.jpgBali Rice Culture08.jpgBali Rice Culture09.jpgBali Rice Culture10.jpgBali Rice Culture11.jpgBali Rice Culture12.jpgBali Rice Culture13.jpgBali Rice Culture14.jpgBali Rice Culture15.jpgBali Rice Culture16.jpgBali Rice Culture17.jpgBali Rice Culture18.jpgBali Rice Culture19.jpgBali Rice Culture20.jpgBali Rice Culture21.jpgBali Rice Culture22.jpgBali Rice Culture23.jpgBali Rice Culture24.jpgBali Rice Culture25.jpgBali Rice Culture26.jpgBali Rice Culture27.jpgBali Rice Culture28.jpgBali Rice Culture29.jpgBali Rice Culture30.jpgBali Rice Culture31.jpgBali Rice Culture32.jpgBali Rice Culture33.jpg