The Iconic Ambassador Taxis of Calcutta (Kolkata)

The streets of Calcutta (now, officially Kolkata) always seem to be in a state of traffic gridlock. Most sidewalks are lined with vendors and pedestrians are forced to share the roads with trolleys, buses, rickshaws, and the iconic yellow taxicabs. Getting around town by taxi is certainly the most efficient but it is also the most expensive and thus unaffordable by most of Calcutta’s residents.

Yellow Taxis of Calcutta01.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta02.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta03.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta04.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta05.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta06.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta07.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta08.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta09.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta10.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta11.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta12.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta13.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta14.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta15.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta16.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta17.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta18.jpgYellow Taxis of Calcutta19.jpg