Durga Puja, the Hindu festival honoring the Goddess Durga in Calcutta, India, is a kaleidoscopic series of events spread over many days that tends to overwhelm ones senses with its sights and sounds. Thousands of idols of Durga and her entourage are created, worshiped, and ultimately immersed in the Ganges River. Millions of people celebrate what has been compared to Mardi Gas in New Orleans or Carnival in Rio.




Charlie Pass


Charlie Pass is a narrow strip of beach at the southern end of North Captiva Island which is one of the barrier islands along the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida. In 2004, category five Hurricane Charlie’s fury cut the island in two. The resulting small inlet or pass was dubbed Charlie Pass by the locals. Time and tides have since closed the pass. What remains are skeletons of toppled trees on the Gulf side and a large area of salt flats on the Pine Island Sound side teaming with life. A variety of wading birds stalk the flat searching for fish fry, fiddler crabs, and other crustaceans. The shelling along the white sand beach on the Gulf side is some of the best, and since the island is accessible only by boat, Charlie Pass is often deserted, especially in the summertime.

This is a brief visit to this special place in pictures and sound on a recent summer’s day.