Postcard from Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Cambodia is quite a contrast to Vietnam – slower paced and less frenetic. Also a much smaller and less densely populated country, with a population of 14 million vs. 87 million in Vietnam. Prior to the Khmer Rouge genocide in the mid 70,s the population was 8 million. The Pol Pot killed over 2 million. Every family was affected. Paraplegics, victims of land mines, are a common sight.

Most of the images below are of the Temples ( Hindu early on but mostly Buddhist) of Angkor Wat built between the 8 th and 14 th centuries by a variety of ruling kings, each trying to out do the other. The bigger temples required up to 40,000 elephants and  hundreds of thousands of slaves.

You will also see a few pictures of present day temples, etc.










_RMP3813.JPG _RMP3980.JPG


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