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Did You See the Unique Cloud Formation?

Did anyone else see this unique cloud formation drifting over the Friday afternoon sky? In honor of the UN’s International Day of Peace, I would think. You didn’t see it?… Well, you should have been here… No I wasn’t smoking anything! OK, […]

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A “Good” Image ~ What is the Standard Today?

As mentioned in an earlier post, as the barriers of entry to photography have fallen and technology has improved,  the number of “photographers” has grown exponentially. But, at least in my opinion, the standard of […]

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The Future of Photography with a Few (Useless) Predictions

Pondering the future of photography certainly has not been keeping me awake at night, but I have been giving it a little thought. So, here is my take on where photography is and where it […]

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Delta Airlines ~ Is This Any Way to Run an Airline? WTF

At last I was about to start the adventure of a lifetime – two weeks in Kolkatta (Calcutta), India, for a photographic workshop and two more weeks in Bangkok and Bali with family. It started […]

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U. S. Capitol – Caution Children at Play

Our dysfunctional Congress has been busy proving to the world that they and this nation should not be taken seriously, that our creditworthiness has diminished, and that as a nation we are past our prime. […]

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