Ubiquitous Rice ~ continued

Rice noodles are the primary ingredient in Pho, the national dish of Vietnam. The noodles are made by steaming a thin slurry of rice flour and water poured on a piece of cloth that has been stretched over a pot of boiling water. The pot is then covered and allowed to steam for a few moments until the rice slurry solidifies. The resulting disk is carefully lifted off and sliced into noodles.


Rice paper, also called bánh tráng , is used for making fresh spring rolls in Vietnamese cuisine. The cooking techniques is much the same and the resulting disks are dried on split bamboo racks.

Popped Rice, or puffed rice, is made by heating rice and sand in a wok over a burner heated by rice hull fuel. The hot sand allows the rice to pop more evenly and is then sifted away from the rice and used again with the next batch. The popped rice is often coated with a palm sugar syrup and cut into blocks and sold as a confection.

Snake Wine is an alcoholic beverage produced by infusing whole snakes and/or scorpions in rice wine. The concoction is considered an important curative and believed to reinvigorate a person according to Traditional Chinese medicine.

Rice Husks are widely used for fuel for home cooking and even fuel the kilns at this brick foundry.

Rice Stalks are used for animal feed, thatching and in paper making.

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