Abandoned Glad

Abandoned Glad

Abandoned Glad

Things left behind. Abandoned. Almost always draw me in, to wonder why to imagine.

I like melancholy. I like to pretend that I’m alone in the world and I’m just sort of abandoned.

___Jamaica Kincaid



Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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  1. Very interesting, Ron. The kitchen has a microwave and Glad bags; although the microwave looks like an old model, this place can’t have been abandoned that long ago! I wonder what happened! It seems like a somewhat sudden departure.

    1. I know a little of the story, but I can’t explain the walking away to never return. A mystery for sure. Thanks, Cathy.

  2. A very sad image, Ron. There’s obviously a story behind this abandoned house.

    1. Sad or , at least, unsettling for the viewer. I would love to know the back story. Thank you Sylvia.

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