My Favorites From 2017

Holy cow! 2017! Its gone, fini, kaput. The older I get the faster time flies. Does anyone else feel that way? I’m really not a conspiracy theorist, but I am…

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And the Journey Continues

A boat makes its way across beautiful Halong Bay in the morning mist. The bay, surrounded by hundreds of ancient limestone karsts, sits on the edge of the South China Sea along…

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Travels in Vietnam

I spent some time traveling around Vietnam with five other seasoned photographers. Our goal was to find and photograph some of the country's indigenous peoples. First, we flew to the…

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Alien Landscape

Recently, during the final hours of a very long flight from Detroit to Seoul, Korea, I was getting restless. The twelve-hour flight had been delayed another 5.5 hours in Detroit because…

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Neighborhood Watch – Two Perspectives

When we visit another country we wish to think of ourselves as travelers. Definitely not tourists. We want to blend in. To see and not be seen. To observe, learn, understand.
But make no mistake, we are noticed, we are watched. Usually just a noted oddity; possibly a potential opportunity for needed income, or amusement.

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The Orange Robes of Laos

There are some thirty-four active Buddhist Temples or Wats and an estimated 2,000 monks in and around Luang Prabang, Laos. Boys as young a ten years old can enter a…

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Mystical Laos

“Householders, the homeless  and  monastics in mutual dependence both reach the true Dharma….” _ the Buddha Mysticism is at the heart of all religions, including Buddhism. To many Buddhist in…

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