What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Just a picture of a cute kid standing in a corn field in rural Tanzania. Right? Look closer. See his distended belly? The child is malnourished while surrounded by plenty. Poultry, goats, and pigs are being raised in the immediate area, as well as guinea pigs that many families grow for protein. Vegetable gardens, like the corn patch in the picture, are common. So what's the problem? Parasites are my guess. Clean drinking water and general hygiene are missing. Although there is plenty of food, intestinal parasites cause malnutrition and general poor health.

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The Doors of Zanzibar – a Triptych

In Zanzibar, an ancient island in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania doors have a more significant than most places. Zanzibar has long been a crossroads along the ancient trading routes between Africa, India, and Persia. Doors became status symbols of wealth and social status. Construction of a new house traditionally started with the elaborately carved front door, which, essentially, became a calling card advertising the occupation and status of the own

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