My Inspiration

While no one ever mistook me for an art history expert, there is an expression that suits me well, “I know what I like.” And the Dutch Master Painters of the seventh century are among my favorites. Artists whose techniques and craftsmanship I admire. Their attention to detail and, especially, the way they painted the light – mastery of creating light and shadow are exceptional. While I love many of the landscapes and scenes of everyday life from that era, it’s the still lifes that really captivated me.

Art museums are always on our list of must-see places to visit while traveling, especially in Europe. And the highlight of each visit for me is the Dutch Golden Age galleries. Paintings like Jan Davids. de Heem’s Still Life with Fruit, Flowers, Glasses, and Lobster would stop me in my tracks.

Of course, the inevitable happened: Why not emulate the Grand Masters style with my medium, photography. Their attention to detail, use of color, and especially, the way their mastery of painting light. In other words, try, as best I could, to fold their strengths into my own compositions.

Not quite as easy as I thought. While the camera work is straightforward, the actual creation and lighting of the still life and the post-processing are more involved.


Your Prints

Your prints are personally crafted by me using the best archival materials available. I use the highest-quality luster paper to bring out all the subtle colors and details. Each print is personally signed by me. And then it is on its way to you via Priority Mail in just a few days. Several other print options such as acrylic, metal, and canvas are available. Digital files are also available for license. Please contact me for more information.

To order, simply mouse over the print you are interested in and click the shopping cart icon.


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