Long Ago and Far, Far Away…

Long Ago and Far, Far Away…

Planet Tomato

Long ago and far, far away, deep in a  most distant solar system, scientists have discovered, what they believe to be, intelligent life on a tiny, strange-looking, reddish planet. Because of this tiny celestial body’s reddish hue and the greenish gaseous plumes constantly being emitted from her polar region, the astro-scientists have named their newest find, Planet Tomato.

Planet Tomato

Planet Tomato

Now for the really exciting news. Thanks to our secret Inter-Galactic Deep Space Probe (IGDSP), recent flybys and brief orbits of the little red planet, we have just  received incredible images of the orb’s surface. The astronomers are ecstatic. The lead scientist, Dr. Larry Chewbacca, is quoted as saying, “it’s almost certain there is intelligent life on Planet Tomato. Just look at the photographs. Civilization almost certainly exists. Why they seem to have streets, and roads, and factories, and urban sprawl, and everything.”

Planet Tomato

Planet Tomato

When asked if he thought there is some form of life on Planet Tomato and will they have a sufficient level of intelligence to be able to communicate with us? Dr. Chewbacca scoffed and said, “Based on this country’s  recent election and our dysfunctional government, it is all but certain the intelligence of Planet Tomato’s civilization far exceeds ours.” When asked if he thought the little red planet would be paying us a similar visit anytime soon, he replied, “Why would they?”

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  1. Why indeed? Unless it is to educate us. But who knows, we may all be dust by then as the climate change deniers pollute our planet in defiance of all the evidence.

    1. We need educating in a lot of things, that’s for sure. Thank you, Mari.

  2. Chuckle chuckle chuckle. What a delightful story, and wonderful photos. Superbly creative! A tomato, a circuit board, and some art filters and you’ve created a whole new world!

    1. A little needed comic relief for me. And a comment on what I am feeling. Thanks, Alison.

  3. Made me smile 🙂 How are things with you and Lynne these days? I’ve missed her presence around the blogs.

    1. Thanks, Jo. We are doing well and enjoying our new home. I trust all is well with you and yours. Thanks.

  4. Love the story. Nothing like yet another alternate reality!

    1. Ha, alternate reality indeed. Seems as though we have just passed through one and are about to embark upon another. Carol, thanks for your comment.

    1. A little comic relief is a good thing. Thanks Lisa.

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