The Colors of Haiti

Colors of Haiti

An extract from the 1983 poem “meme le soleil est nu” by Haitian born Anthony Phelps reads:

There once was a Country

There once was a City

There once was a Country

whose children did not dream

There is a spirit and spirituality in Haiti like nowhere else. Haitians are resolute and tenacious and, in time, will move beyond the horrendous hardships they are currently Colors of Haitifacing. Haiti changes you. Below the flow of everyday life is a rhythm that knows how to celebrate being alive. A rhythm that gives memories to all of the senses. For me it is the sights. Haitians have a vibrancy for life that shows in the bold, tropical colors they surround themselves with.

“Beyond mountains, are more mountains.”

“Little by little the bird builds its nest.”

Haitian Proverb

No matter how humble their abode it will be brightly painted and often the clothes they wear or the utensils they use in their daily lives are just as bright and cheerful.Preparing the Colors of Haiti Gallery has been so much fun. Choosing from the hundreds of images I have of Haiti was a very enjoyable reminiscence.  The entire nation seems to be in bright and lively motion. The countryside is like a continuous market with an endless variety of all things imaginable for sale. Towns, with their vividly painted modest dwellings, also where all things imaginable being for sale,  are a riot of color. Psychedelic comes to mind. Haiti changes you and I look forward to being changed again.

Colors of Haiti

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Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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  1. You show their indominatable spirit through color.Beautiful!

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