Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons With a Twist

Everglades Wet SeasonWhen many of us think of changes in seasons we think of four more or less distinct seasons, but in much of the tropics there are only two: wet and dry.

Here in the Everglades National Park in sub-tropical southern Florida is a good example. The top picture was taken in late September as the rainy season was winding down and “sea of grass” is lush and green. The bottom picture was taken in the same area in late April as the dry season is ending and the first of the replenishing afternoon thunderstorms are forming to herald in the next rainy season. And so the cycle continues.

Everglades Dry SeasonFor more changing seasons click here.

Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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  1. Such different scenes, but both really beautiful, Ron.

    1. Thank you Ad and happy belated anniversary.

  2. The clouds in the sky appear to be hand-painted in that first shot – so lovely! ~ Kat

    1. Thanks Kat. The clouds are what make the landscapes so beautiful here.

  3. that first image is just breathtaking! ^^

  4. Love the viewpoint you have taken and the sky in both photos is amazing.

    1. Thank you Anna Marie. Without the clouds the landscapes are pretty mundane.

  5. I like the first one, where it is all green. It always looks like the last one where I live.

    1. Oh but there is beauty everywhere. Thanks for visiting.

  6. La primera me encanta por sus colores, sus cielos, sus aguas, pero la segunda no se queda atrás, ¡bellas tomas!

    1. Gracias. El primero de ellos es mi favorito también.

  7. I love the formation of clouds and how each one is different… These are terrific, . 🙂

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. The clouds over the Everglades are always amazing, especially in the spring and summer.

  8. I love the first pic so much! beautiful! 🙂

  9. A wonderful twist, Ron, and I love the photos you’ve chosen to illustrate it, especially the second with that pared down colour palette and the drama of the approaching storm. Just fabulous!

    1. Drama for sure! We had to drive home through the thunderstorm. I thinks the simpler color palette adds to the effect. Thanks for your insightful comments.

    1. Thank you so much. This certainly will not be the holiday we would wish for but we have a lot to be thankful for.

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