Crying Fowl: Delicate and Light as a Feather

Crying Fowl: Delicate and Light as a Feather

FeathersFeathers…what incredible creations. They are light and delicate and yet so strong. Feathers keep their owners warm and dry and enable most to fly…how cool is that!

We humans seem to have an unhealthy affinity for feathers, too. Throughout history, man foolishly would get the notion that with enough feathers attached to his body, he too could fly. I don’t recall ever reading where the wannabe flyer discussed this advisability with a bird. Women, also, would and probably still do, attach a few select feathers to strategic parts of their bodies. I don’t think they have flying in mind.

Certain exotic birds were hunted to near extinction so our society ladies could wear a few long plumes in their hats. I suppose they thought wearing breeding plumage would work for them as it did for the birds.

And then there is the sadistic ritual of tar and feathering. In order to humiliate and ostracize someone, a vigilante mob poured tar on the hapless victim and covered him or her with feathers. What do you think the nearby birds thought of this barbaric ritual?

Metaphorically speaking, I was able to kill two birds with one stone this week.

Please note: No birds were hurt in the creation of this post.

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