Ligon’s  Store

Ligon’s Store

Well past midnight and the moon is near full. As we cross the Mississippi River from Arkansas on Highway 49 the fog is rising off the river and will soon envelop the entire area, I suppose. The cotton fields look eerily snow covered, the bright moonlight reflecting off the fluffy balls awaiting harvest. The fields appear to need some rest, just as I do.

Twenty or so miles to go to an awaiting bed in Clarksdale. Trying to stay awake now.  B.B. King’s Bluesville blaring on the radio reminding me I am entering hallowed ground, the birthplace of the Blues and much of American music. Many come, as I have, to trace the roots of America’s music and follow the Blues Trail through the Mississippi Delta and beyond.

What’s that up ahead on the right? A wide spot in the road, a place to pull over and stretch. Yes! Out of the mist appears Ligon’s Store, replete with dozens of nostalgic soda pop signs, quite a contrast to the nearby glitz and glitter of the casinos, an unfortunate blight along the river. The parking lot is empty, the place deserted, the BBQ smoker out front, now cool. I stretch and walk around Ligon’s for a few minutes, then move on.

I am happy; my day is about over. The pigs are happy; they’ve avoided becoming pulled pork for another day.

When I was in the country and I was trying to play, nobody seemed to pay too much attention to me. People used to say, ‘That’s just that ole blues singer.’

___B. B. King

Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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  1. Love the treatment of the photograph and the story.

    1. Thanks Jeff and thank you for visiting.

  2. I love your words and photo, Ron. Takes us back to a simpler time. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Cathy. I really enjoyed my little project. Thanks for your visit too.

  3. Love B. B. King too. Ligon’s Store looks like areal blast from the past, and very eerie, illuminated against the darkness. Great capture Ron. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sylvia. I have “discovered” the Blues again as a result of this recent trip.

  4. Really nice Ron! Did you light paint w flashlight or do something different??

    1. Actually, Tina, the photo was taken around 4 PM. All the processing was done in Lightroom. A lot of dodging and burning, filters, etc. I had fun creating the image and then writing from my imagination.

      1. A great imagination, even greater photo. I’m off to play in Lightroom. I have a b & w photo of a gas station that would benefit from a bit of plagirism.

        1. Thanks Emilio. Let me know how you do with your gas station image.

  5. Great image Ron, enjoyed the write up. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks Mike. I enjoyed creating the image and then the words to go with it. Not my usual forte.

  6. Just found and followed your blog. Very nice photography and I really dig the look!

    1. Thanks Greg for your kind compliment. I am happy you found the blog too. 🙂

  7. I love the way you processed this image, and your words are a perfect complement.

    1. Thanks Lynn. It was fun to create an image and then write about it.

    1. Thanks. I am especially fond of this image.

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