Saturday Afternoon Along the Malecon – Havana,Cuba

Saturday Afternoon Along the Malecon – Havana,Cuba

The Malecon, that broad esplanade that separates the sea and city, is the heart and soul of Havana and Habaneros. It’s late Saturday afternoon and the weather is clearing. A stiff breeze across the Florida Straits continues to push some large waves crashing into the rocks below. People gather to enjoy themselves as the sun slowly finishes tracing its arc across the Caribbean sky.

Havana, Cuba Malecon-6

Havana, Cuba Malecon-9

Fishing seems to be the main preoccupation here. Intent on catching dinner or just spending time with friends, men stand shoulder to shoulder along the seawall.

Havana, Cuba Malecon-3

Havana, Cuba Malecon

Havana, Cuba Malecon-2

The fishermen cast their carefully rigged lines as far into the sea as possible, wait patiently for that tug on the line, and dodge the occasional shower.

Havana, Cuba Malecon-4

Of course, there are pictures to be taken…

Havana, Cuba Malecon-7

And kites to fly.

Havana, Cuba Malecon-8

And the sun set over Havana’s Malecon as it does every day.

Having recently returned from my second trip to Cuba this year I find myself missing her and am hoping to return again next year. The Cuban people are warm and welcoming. They have a spirit and dignity that is uniquely Cubano. This time, I took twelve other travelers for their first time to explore our closest neighbor to the south.

Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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  1. Nice collection Ron. I especially like the sunset shot. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks guys. Happy New Year and all the best in your travels.

  2. Those are great! My father was born there, so I will have to travel there one day.

    1. I hope you get are able to go there soon. I don’t think you would be disappointed. All the best in the new year.

      1. All the best to you, too!

  3. What a great slice of life you have captured on this pier ~ I could see myself spending a few days here just soaking it all in. Great shots Ron, you’ve captured Cuba so well.

    1. It is where Habaneros come to hang out in the late afternoons till late evenings. Always something interesting to see. Thanks Randall.

  4. A wonderful series that captures life in Cuba. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. I sure wish I could have gone. 🙂

    1. It was a great trip. Hopefully, next time.

  5. I stumbled upon your blog and I’m absolutely mesmerized by your photos. This post hit a chord with me because I would love to visit Havana. I was recently in Cadiz, Spain and your fishing on the Malecon images remind me a lot of that wonderful city.

    1. I hope you can go to Havana. It’s a lovely city and my favorite.

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