My 10 Favorite Photos from 2015

My 10 Favorite Photos from 2015

Havana Skyline

It seems there is a list for everything this time of year. You name it and there is a list for it. So, not wanting to be left out, here is my list of ten of my favorite photographs I made in 2015.

2015 has been a busy year. We were in Cuba twice, Prague, Czech Republic, and Budapest, Hungary. Plus I completed an aerial photography project of the islands in Pine Island Sound, Florida, where I live.

In the first image, above, the sun sets over the Havana skyline.

Vinales, Cuba

Farm hands argue over a “friendly” game of dominos at the end of the day’s work on a tobacco farm in Vinales, Cuba.

Budapest, Hungary

Shoes on the Danube is a memorial on the bank of the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary, to Jews killed in World War II. Hundreds of bronze shoes line the seawall in solemn remembrance of war’s atrocities.

Pine Island Sound

A boat cruises past Usseppa Island heading South down Pine Island Sound.

Mondongo Rocks, Pine Island Sound

Beautiful Mondongo Rocks, a shallow area of oyster bars and mangroves forms a visual abstract image.

Prague, Czech Republic

The moon rises over Prague’s Old Town Square on a late summer’s eve.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Theological Hall, a beautiful baroque library, is part of the National Library of the Czech Republic. It is located in the historical Clementium in Prague. In addition, to the many original volumes, there are many astronomical and terrestrial globes,

Havana, Cuba

A young mother asks the Virgin of La Mercedโ€™s blessing for her 16-day old daughter at the altar of  Iglesia de La Merced  in Habana Veja.

Havana, Cuba

Iconic Havana.

Havana, Cuba

On a recent visit to El Morro Castle overlooking Havana’s harbor, the harbormaster invited me up to his office. There he watches and records the comings and goings of all the ships as they pass through the port’s entrance. He graciously showed me his log books as we attempted to chat though neither knows the other’s language. “Americano?” he asks. “Si,” I reply. My new friend smiles and starts looking through the assortment of flags stored in his office. He finds what he is searching for. The Stars and Stripes. Unfolding it, he tells me this very flag last flew here in 1961 at the beginning of the Embargo and has remained in its cubby hole ever since. The highlight of my year’s travel.

Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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    1. Thank you. I am happy you like the post.

    1. Thank you so much and thanks for visiting.

    1. Thank you Edith. Looks as though you had a great year too. All the best.

  1. You have a talent for the subject and an intellectual curiosity that is embodied in what you photograph. These are beautiful!!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Patti. All the best in the Nes year.

  2. The night view of Prague and the intimate scene inside the Iglesia de la Merced are standouts Ron. Look forward to more fabulous photography in the year ahead. Happy new year to you and Lynne!

    1. Thanks Madhu. Looks like you have had quite a year too. All the best to you and R in the new year.

    1. Thank you Carol. Looking forward to seeing you Cuba images. ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy New Year.

  3. Ron,did you notice the circular patterns in the Mondongo rocks,ever widening circles in the lower left portion of the photo? Fantastic work.Thank you for being my teacher and friend.

    1. I did notice and have no explanation. Thank you for being a wonderful friend. All the best to you in the new year.

  4. Yep, some of your best! Definitely is inspiring to see them again or discover them! Cheers and Happy new Year!

    1. Happy you enjoyed the review. Thank you and Happy New Year

  5. These are all beautiful Ron, and what a year you had!! So many favorites I can’t even think about choosing one. But that woman holding up the baby is quite powerful. Looking forward to more of your work in 2016.

    1. The woman holding her newborn was a special moment for all involved, me included. A highlight of my photographic year for sure. Thank you Tina.

  6. What an incredible series of photographs and travels this past year…stunning. The shots of Cuba I think are magnificent and contrast the photos from of the Czech Republic, but my favorite has to be your “Usseppa Island heading South down Pine Island Sound” photo, as there is such a feeling of freedom and life with this shot. Wishing you a great year ahead ~

    1. Photographically, its been a great year. But, the highlight for me was the aerial photography of my own “backyard” and, like you, I especially like Usseppa” Island Heading South.” Thanks Randall and all the best to you in the new year.

  7. You do wonderful photography – and get better and better – thank you for those images – especially of Cuba – Carole

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Carole.

  8. I haven’t seen your portfolio so don’t know your criteria for choosing these, but they are all brilliant. I love Havana, have visited often, and you’ve captured its essence perfectly.

    1. Thank you, Mari. Havana is my favorite city.

  9. they are all wonderful images, though who took the final one?

    several times i’ve tipped over to check on t.lynn, who has gone into incubation mode.. hope all’s ok there.

    from the middle of the world, z

    1. All is well here. We are moving to Sarasota in about a week. Very busy with buying and selling houses, sorting, packing, etc. Looking forward to a new adventure. Thanks for checking on us. Think about you often and Ecuador continues to tug.

  10. What a wonderful set of images, Ron. Your photography evokes so much about a culture. I love all your Cuba shots, Shoes on the Danube, and the aerial island shots. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you Cathy. I appreciate your kind words.

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