Dragonflies of Summer

Dragonflies of Summer

Crimson pepper pod
add two pairs of wings, and look
darting dragonfly.


Where have all the birds gone? It’s hot here in Southwest Florida. Summertime hot!. The migrant birds have returned whence they came. The nesting birds have raised their young and moved on. The few year-round residents show themselves briefly in the morning and seek shade until evening. Just as I expected when I visited my favorite birding spot recently.

So, what’s a photographer to do? Make portraits of dragonflies, of course. These colorful, prehistoric-looking flying machines seem quite happy to pose for me. The challenge, of course, is their relatively small size. While giants in the insect world, they are tiny compared to the egrets and herons I typically stalk with my telephoto lens.

I’ll be back in the morning in search of these gossamer-winged beauties, or hopefully a bird or two.

Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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    1. Thank you. They were a challenge because of their relatively small size compared to the wading birds I usually photograph there.

  1. Great shots! I find shooting dragonflies challenging due to their small size and they always seem to move just as i am pushing down on the shutter release button.

    1. Thank you, Morris, and thanks for taking the time to comment. So I’m not the only one that sees shooting dragonflies as challenging. 😀

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