Old Pope Road Shed
Pope Road Shed

Old Pope Road Shed

Pope Road Shed Old Pope Road Shed

I walk down Old Pope Road and past this old shed often. The barn is fenced off and abandoned. Nothing special. But today, the way mid-winter sun illuminated the building and dappled the shade under the old oak on the fence row. Today I stopped. I paused and took in the familiar scene and made this photograph. Thinking, no, knowing that one day when I round the corner the Old Pope Road Shed will be gone. Rubble. The oak trees bulldozed, and the ground scrapped sterile. Making way for a few more new homes in another tacky subdivision like I live in.

Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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  1. Beautiful Ron. It is sad to see how quickly the country side around us is being “citified”.

  2. I share your disquiet, it’s a worldwide problem. Here I’m surrounded by shuttered-up buildings interspersed with gambling shops and tacky cafes – people still want to eat and drink. I escape to the countryside only to see once green meadows already being marked out for housing, and lurking in the background corporates with designs on anything on which to erect a supermarket.

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