Hibiscus Reflection – Sunday Post

Hibiscus Reflection

Again, I have resorted to Photoshop trickery to create the illusion of a red hibiscus bloom and its rippled reflection for this week’s Sunday Post: Reflection challenge. The original photograph is of a bloom of a hibiscus growing wild at the water’s edge near us.

The process is a little more involved than things I have posted recently such as Liquid Bamboo or Orchid Merge. This time I opened the original hibiscus image in Photoshop and selected and copied just the bloom. After opening a new file I applied a black background fill layer and pasted the selected bloom on to the background in a separate layer. I rotated the bloom a little and selected and copied it again. This copy was pasted on to another file with a black background fill layer as before. The file was then “flattened” and flipped vertically (image|image rotation|flip vertically) to create the “reflection.” A wave filter was applied (filter|distort|wave). Just the wave distorted bloom was selected, copied and pasted into a new layer just below the original bloom on the black background. A little cropping and nudging of the reflected image will probably be necessary. The finished image was then returned to Lightroom for a final cropping.

And there you have a hibiscus with its watery reflection.

Hibiscus – original image

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  1. Your cleverness is resulting in loveliness.

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  2. Excellent work for this week topic ,Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

  3. Hibiscus…one of my all time favorite flowers… We used to have white ones with red centers and they were large as dinner plates! It was a sight to behold when they bloomed.

    1. They are my favorites as well. Always eager to put on their show!

  4. ¡Me encanta!, buenísimo el procesado!!, aquí también tenemos muchos hibiscus, yo la tuve en mi jardín, la quité porque se puso enferma, abrazos

    1. Gracias. Las enfermedades son un problema con hibiscus aquí demasiado. Este uno crece en forma silvestre y parece estar sano.

      1. Pues sí por eso tuve que quitar el mío, murió de una enfermedad, ya no los he vuelto a plantar

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