Quaintly Seeing the Light

Quaintly Seeing the Light

A quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem

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Saint James City is a tiny village at the tip of Pine Island in Southwest Florida and just a short boat ride to the Gulf of Mexico. It is a state of mind as much as an actual place. A little bit of old Florida and where I call home. Fishing and boating are a way of life here.

There are no traffic lights on our island, just one four-way stop, and probably as many boats as cars. We have a lot of marinas that sell bait and tackle. At the local Winn-Dixie, the beer cooler is bigger than the one for milk..

After dark, the neon signs “glow” about what is important here and which pretty much sums things up:

“A quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem.”

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Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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    1. Thanks for paying my little town a visit. 🙂

  1. This is a fantastic post! I love the neon lights.

    1. Thank you Angeline. It was a fun post for me.

  2. great pics and a laugh, what more can a gal ask for?

    1. Thanks. Its good to not take things too seriously.

    1. Thank you Connie and thanks for visiting.

    1. Thank you Gigi. How are things with you and Peter?

      1. We’re great thankyou Ron! But so busy! about to move again – into our new house, our real one! So exciting! But lots going on:) love to you and your dear one! 🙂 xo

        1. Good luck with that Gigi. A big job, but as you say, exciting.

  3. what a great post that surely brings a smile to all who see it! sounds like a really nice place to visit, and an extra nice place to live! z

  4. Thanks Lisa. It probably is not as laid back as Jama, but we like it. 🙂

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