The Deep South in North Florida

The Deep South in North Florida


North Florida-Deep South

Most of northern Florida is very much like the rest of the Deep South. A place where time seems to move a little slower. A place where well enough is left alone.

North Florida-Deep South

A place where, according to the sign, a Coke is still just a nickel.

North Florida-5

A place where you get a hearty greeting when you walk in and breakfast whenever you want.

North Florida-Deep South

North Florida-Deep South

A place where spring-fed streams meander slowly through the cypress and water oaks on their way to the Gulf of Mexico.

North Florida-Deep South

A place where bare feet are invited to cool off and the soul to be refreshed.

North Florida-Deep South

A place where even chickens are loved.


Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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  1. Great captures of a bygone era that is preserved even today, Ron. I love them all! But especially the first two and the woman & chicken in the last picture.

    1. Small town America is full of surprises. Thanks Cathy.

  2. A lovely collection of true life photos.

    1. Thanks, Colline. I love finding places where time seems to have moved on.

  3. Wonderful scenes of a place where time seems to stand still, Ron. I can almost feel that cooling water on my feet too. 🙂

    1. The lack of development along the streams was a pleasant surprise. Quite a different Florida from what we are used to.

  4. The Southern states have a way of “Time Standing Still” that we enjoy during our summers in Mts. You captured that time Ron.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I think it is true in many rural areas around the country.

  5. You have a poetic rhythm with your words that flows right along with your photos, wonderful work and I’ve got this amazing vision of how nice it would be to call such a place home. Reminds me of the charm of small towns out along the west coast. Nice.

    1. There must be strong similarities in rural small US towns no matter where they are. Thanks for your kind comment.

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