Still Life with Peaches
Still Life with Peaches

Still Life with Peaches

Still Life with Peaches
Still Life with Peaches

 Still Life with Peaches

A little serendipity played a part in the creation of “Still Life with Peaches.” I’ve been wanting to use the old green scales that have been in the family for years in a composition. While at our favorite grocer the other day I saw a bin heaped with South Carolina peaches, so fresh, many had tender leaves still attached. Carefully, I placed several in a bag so as to not crush their tender leaves and cautioned the cashier to be gentle. The rustic old green scales would be the perfect prop to use with the delicate, warm-hued fruit. As usual, getting the lighting just right was the challenge but I’m quite satisfied with the composition. I think it “works”. What do you think?

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Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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  1. Definitely works. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

  2. What a lovely composition. This is my all-time favourite of the many you have posted.

    1. Thank you, Marie. That mean a lot.

  3. One of the lovliest imafes you’ve uploaded to your site. I really love this. I’m not a fan of still lifes (or should that be lives, I dunno) but I could live with this.

  4. Again, thank you, Marie. Maybe I’ll convert you!

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