Abandoned in Natchez

Abandoned in Natchez

Abandoned in Natchez

Three abandoned kittens, people-watching in front of an old derelict building, just yards from the Mississippi River in Natchez.

Just don’t get too close or they will disappear faster than you can say, “here kitty.”

Only to peek out from under their sanctuary a moment later.

Abandoned in Natchez


The word alone sends shudders down a sensitive spine, troubling the thoughts of pained souls as their hurt swells in ripples. It is a sentence of undesired solitude often pronounced on the innocent, the trusting—administered without warning or satisfactory cause. 

___ Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

Ron Mayhew

Fine Art Photographer specializing in Still Life and Commercial Photography.

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  1. Been to Natchez many times. Saw stately homes, lush gardens, women in period costumes. Have never seen this sight — and that’s what I love! You’ve found something special for another reason — its lonely, abandoned appearance with those cats peeping out. Excellent!!!

    1. I try to find and photograph the less photographed and the “abandoned” theme appeals to me. Thanks For your comment Arusha, and thanks for visiting.

  2. instead of pondering this morning’s sunrise, i’m trying to figure out WHERE this image was taken!

    when i read the title of your post, i thought, ‘the winsor ruins… longwood…,’ so i smiled when i saw and read this post!

    i think i’ll lob it to a few natchez friends of mine and see if they nail it! ron and mimi miller would instantly know where these images were taken!

    have you read any or all of greg iles’ books?


    1. Well, the lob worked. đŸ™‚ Haven’t read Greg Iles yet, but Natchez Burning is on my kindle waiting. Thanks Lisa.

      1. one friend wrote back from a doctor’s appointment.. another said that she wrote something.. i’m heading there now!

      2. my favorite iles book is ‘dead sleep’ though it’s a pretty dark one… if possible read the first page and a bit of the second and see if it hooks you!


  3. Those kitties and their suggested story make this brilliant photo even more interesting.

    1. Maybe this post will help. Thanks Marc-Andre.

  4. Your kitties look and behave so much like the foursome at Fuzzy’s. Another photo op.

    1. Fuzzy’s huh. Let’s do it. Thanks Lynn.

  5. Dearest Zeebra,
    That is an old building, believe it or not, one block from the city auditorium right on Canal St. In fact, when they filmed the recent James Brown movie, “Get On Up”, here in Natchez that building was used as a juke joint. The building now has the words “Rosie’s Beer Garden” painted along the right side and and parking instructions for the nearby coffee shop are painted along the left. The abandoned animal issue is one that we combat daily (although it is nothing compared to the Mississippi Delta area’s severity) and our state has passed laws to keep this from happening. The biggest obstacles we face now are educating people and getting the police to enforce the new laws. I personally have three kitties that were abandoned (and I am allergic to them). We found them when they were 2-3 weeks old and have bottle fed them and watched them grow into wonderful, loving, now 12 week old, kittens. I am desperately trying to find them homes so if anyone sees this and would like to help please contact me at westley.owens@gmail.com. I wish these beautiful photos and their meaningful captions could be seen by more people!

    1. Thanks for identifying the building. We were first attracted to the Steampunk, ( ahttp://mobile.steampunkcoffeeroasters.com ) great coffee shop just behind it. Much to photograph in the area, but the kittens got most of our attention.

      Hopefully, someone will contact you about your kittens.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    2. westley, dear westley! it’s great to read your feedback; i feel as if i’m back in natchez! if so, we might go on a zebra-stripe-painting mission!

      you should open a wordpress site for the rescued animals and give them their own voices!

      thanks for the feedback!


  6. Excuse me, I meant Broadway Street, not Canal.

  7. Very moving images, Ron. I’m sure that out of necessity, they have become very capable of fending for themselves. I hope so, anyway. đŸ™‚

    1. I think so. They appeared fit and healthy, though they wouldn’t let me too close. Thanks Sylvia.

  8. Oh dear … both shop and cats make terrific pictures, Ron, but tell such sad stories.

    1. Our photos do tell stories, some happy, some sad. I have read that a good photo is one that evokes emotion. As for these kittens, they did not appear to be feral nor undernourished. Just curious and cautious. Thanks for commenting Meredith.

  9. They are so beautiful Ron. The B&W gives your story extra poignancy.

    1. Thanks Madhu. It seemed to me the old building required B&W.

  10. More great pictures of abandoned buildings, and cats. Everything falls into chaos and decline eventually, doesn’t it?

    1. Thank you Cathy. Inevitable but always fascinating.

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