“High Life” ~ not so much

“High Life” ~ not so much

Shrimp Boat named High Lide

Shrimpers and most watermen, for that matter, are a tenacious, hardy bunch. For many, it has been a family way of life for generations. Salt water runs in their veins and thoughts leaving the bayous, sounds and bays is something few are willing to entertain. But the reality is fisheries are dwindling, expenses are rising and seafood is being shipped in from Asia, South America, and elsewhere at a fraction of what it costs these shrimpers to break even.

“High Life” is a nostalgic tribute to a way of life that I hope will endure. The shrimpers and crabbers that set out each season to bring us the “fruit os the sea.”

Shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There’s, um, shrimp kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried. There’s pineapple shrimp and lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp,shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich… That’s, that’s about it.

___Mykelti Williamson

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    1. “High Life” was photographed at Ft Myers Beach and the other shrimp boat at Darien, GA. The crab post in St James City.

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